Thursday, January 7, 2010

Little Sister Wedgie What Is Your Most Embarrassing/ Awkward Moment?

What Is Your Most Embarrassing/ Awkward Moment? - little sister wedgie

I think I'll share my personal experiences.
When I was 13, my older sister was 14 years and we always play pranks on each other means and try to get into the nerve of all. Even if one day we went shopping with our parents and my sister was looking for something to put on the bottom shelf of her panties a little blue, so for fun I decided to give a little pinch and give him a wedgie Nice . It was not so bad, good, but anyway, they shouted and swore revenge. I was hoping that revenge does not come, so that later in the next wing. In reality, however, after a few minutes, as I stand before my mother and my father, my sister, who walked behind me, take my pants and put them around my ankles, the worst day of all that I had a little puffy pants, the all the way with his pants and shirt that he was at my navel. Mom and Dad had seen it all, and my sister laughed at the sight of bare *** on the screen. I threw everything as fast as I could and I was so embarrassed, my face was like workingRed as a tomato, I say nothing daddidn'tt and my mother told my sister, "and does not pull his underwear down the stairs." The rest of the purchases was very difficult for me while my sister could not stop laughing, and sibling rivalry is still alive today, BU was the most embarrassing thing you have done for me.


CGFE<33 said...

I was at his house at 7:00 pm and there was a power outage.
A group of our friends were there and my bf left to go the toilet, so the rest of us to play him a trick on all of our being covered with dark blankets and tried to decided in combination furniture, you agree to our faces (it it is assumed you would be afraid if you HHE finally became the place to sit when he is only now, that was his team-mates.

But he thought I was there, and when we kissed! * On the lips *
We were literally die, literally fell off the bed laughing and your partner (the poor boy had only a moment of joy, p =) gave a cry, as if through! lmao

I was in school and my bag was fully behind me and at the same height as the rear.
I was in the middle of the stairway between the stairs, where she will meet a small gap.
I fell over the railing and landed trapped in the gap of the stairs!
I slid slowly, and it was a long fall in front of me when I fell.
I screamed and yelled forLP, but there was no one I liked more when my teacher came up to burn, and then me, but my bag was taken, and she fell into the hole, and then press another teacher. lol

Last week was my year 8 from the field, was on the bus and the seats were hard plastic things.
I really had to fart = P and I knew that everyone hears, so I waited a while, but I play the music I heard was a kind Dazy I do not remember that I had in my mp4!
I let a big fart and made a little noise pick hammer on the head, and everybody laughed off his ass.

It happened in the camp the next day.
We awoke at 7:00 Clock! He tasks of cooking and I was soo tired!
I had 2 bowls at my table and I went in one step and I was so tired that he fell, the BÖLW me stolen from his hands, beat my friend hung RIORITY spilled juice all over someone fell into the juice, and soon there was orragne 3 of us on the ground wounded.

And we had cleanign remain in the camp, while everyone else was surfing = (
And it was sooombarrassing!

And that was the day I returned to camp, I waited with my luggage for my father to come, when I saw it coming, I got up and walked to the door with my luggage, not see, and asked for my broken cell phone, my tone across the yard and tried to turn it off quikly, but hit a fly box pocket with the pocket in the suitcase through the air and top scored in the face!

This happened to me today while I was shopping!
I was at K-Mart, and my mother told me that I was not there, and BTU's alive! Then I ran to the jackets of the big screens round racks Dark high operating and hid himself in the middle.

It was very dark.
Then a boy dressed in a long hood and looked like the angel of death is causing a schism and looked at me and started screaming my lungs! Then he started screaming and ran away.
I then tried to crawl to the other side of the zipper, but the children's mother was a gap and looked at me and saw my mother after she gives me the fearOok.

All I could do was smile and go and crawl.

OMG! My mother is not home yet, and I'm a little prayer that never comes home. lol

Tara B said...

lol geeze, it's pretty embarrassing, but I think I can beat him! The same thing happened to me, but my little crushes (dirty) 2 in his sister's brother was sitting in his car and looked over her mother when her little brother was behind me pulled my rock 'n everythingggggg revealed! I was in my house, I do not want to see my reaction to crush lol!

I've also head to the gym in the same devastating friend and again I lifted her skirt = s

The second week I was fighting for a review to achieve i was late for N was in the cafeteria in front of everyone!

Ive even toilet paper in her shoes, her skirt tucked away in her panties and walking IN2 toilets as boys!

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